S.T.E.A.M. POWER at BARRY FARM officially began the weekly Fall Session on September 30th.  The end-of-program event is scheduled for November 12th.  More information to follow on actual time and location.

If space allows, the end-of-program event will be open to the public and will display the work the students completed during the 6-week program.  Certificates and recognition awards will be presented. 


Barry Farm Dwellings is located in the Anacostia area of the Ward 8 neighborhood of Washington, D.C.  Barry Farm is a public housing development managed by the District of Columbia Housing Authority and, though this area is rich in history for African-Americans, it ranks as having the highest level of residents living in poverty.  

This community was the first homeownership area for newly freed slaves.  In 1867, the land was purchased using federal funding and divided into lots and sold to the families of freed slaves and refugees of the Civil War.   The creation of the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad, then construction of Interstate 295 divided the land, reduced the footprint and separated the land from the waterfront it once sat alongside. 

Once over 350 acres on size, is now less than 30 acres of land for those in need of subsidized housing.  In 1954, the land was acquired by the Redevelopment Land Authority and they built what is now known as the public housing community seen in 2016.  Plans are currently underway to complete a $13mil redevelopment to include mixed-use spaces.  


For more information on Barry Farm or the redevelopment plans for this area go here.

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